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Foreign Exchange

Exchanging money can be a daunting experience. Our well-informed experts can save you avoidable charges.

Travel Visas

Learn here about obtaining your travel visa for Namibia, special passes and the entry requirements.

Investor Permit

Obtaining an investor permit for Namibia is multi step process. In the first instance the investor must obtain the necessary permissions and registration to be be able to make the investment. Subsequent to this an application will need to be made for a work permit – self employed permit.

Please note for the purposes of clarification between an investor seeking a work permit and an employee seeking a work permit we refer to the self employed permit as an investor permit in the below text.

Company structures

The applicant seeking an investor permit – self employed work permit will need to establish an appropriate company structure. Below we detail the investors options:

  • Namibian Company

The most common structure for a Namibian investor permit applicant is a Namibian company.  There exists no ownership restraints for foreign shareholding in a Namibian company expect where the company owns agriculture land and certain other strategic licences. It therefore follows that a foreign shareholder can own 100% of the shares in a Namibian company.

The company may appoint Directors and shareholders need not be natural persons.

  • Namibian Close Corporation

A Namibian close corporation can only have members that are natural persons, in other words a business may not be a member. It is therefore typically used as a structure when the investor is personally running the business operations.

It has fewer formal requirements than a Namibian company (does not require an annual audit and only has to prepare books of account for purposes of submitting returns to the receiver of revenue.) and still provides the benefit of separating personal and business assets and liabilities.

A Certificate of Status Investment

Investor permit applicants will also need to submit a certificate of Status investment. These applications are considered by the Department of Trade3 and Industry and amongst other items they will look at the following:Foreigners will an investor permit for Namibia

  • Goods or services to be produced
  • Reports on profit forecasts, cash flow projections, projected income statements and balance sheets
  • Funding of the business
  • Shareholding
  • Employees and training of Namibians

Investor Permit applications (self employed work permits)

The permit application requirements include:

  • A duly completed application form signed by the applicant; and
  • Medical Certificate Form / Radiological Report Form completed by a medical practitioner; and
  • Certified copies of highest education or trade certificate of the applicant; and
  • Certified copies of previous work references of the applicant included in a detailed CV; and
  • Copies of travel documents or passport of applicant; and
  • Registration Certificate(s) indicating the registration of the applicant with a relevant professional board / association; and
  • Police Clearance Certificate from country of origin and last country of residence; and
  • Two passport type photographs (in colour); and
  • Certified copies of all marriage or divorce certificate of applicant; and
  • A motivation letter by the by prospective employer indicating the reasons for appointing the applicant and not a Namibian citizen; and Deed of Surety
  • A copy of advertisements placed in local newspapers advertising the position (if applicable); and Copies of three CV’s of unsuccessful applicants
  • A copy of employment / contract between applicant and employer
  • Comments from the relevant Trade Union (if applicable)
  • If the applicant has been registered for Namibian taxation, proof of such registration should b included; and
    If the applicant has applied (or obtained) a Status investment Certificate in terms of the Namibian Foreign Investment Act, a copy of such certificate (or application) should be included in the application.

Getting assistance with your investor permit (self employed work permit) application

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