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Namibia employment work permit

The below content concerns the Namibia employment work permit for those foreigners wishing to take up a position in Namibia for a period of time that exceeds 6 months.

If you are engaging in employment for a period of time shorter than 6 months please see here for details on the Namibia work visa.

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What is a Namibia employment work permit?

A Namibia employment work permit is permission to enter and stay in Namibia for the purposes of taking up employment. It takes the form of an endorsement / stamp in your passport and is issued by either a Namibian consulate, embassy or Department of Home Affairs.

If granted the employment work permit entitles the individual to reside temporarily in Namibia.

What is the decision making process in issuing a Namibia employment work permit?

There are some key considerations that the Immigration board take into account when accessing whether to issue a Namibia employment work permit:

  • It is essential to prove that the applicant possesses the required skills, qualifications and experience in their specific field.
  • That the prospective employer has been unable to recruit and full the position with a Namibian candidate. Currently Namibia does have shortage of skills in certain areas and there is a basic understanding of the need to recruit expatriate workers to fill these positions.

Application process

There is no doubt applying for a Namibia employment work permit can be a frustrating and unpredictable at times. The Namibian Immigration board tends to apply its requirements, from the Immigration control act section 27, on a case by case basis.

Further the act states that no individual may enter or reside in Namibia with a view to temporary residency in the case of any person who intends to enter or reside in Namibia for the purpose of employment. Therefore applicants should be in possession of their permit prior to entry into Namibia.

Applications can take anywhere between three and nine months to process.

Namibia employment work permit validity period.

A Namibia employment work permit is normally issued for a period of between 1 and 3 years.  The immigration board can within the provisions of the act extend the period for which, an employment work permit was issued.

Spouses and children

Spouses and children may also be issued within the Namibia employment work permit permission to enter and stay in Namibia.

Guarantee payment

There is an onus on the Namibia employment work permit holder to adhere to the terms and conditions that the permit was issued under. To ensure this a guarantee payment may need to be made as specified in the appropriate Gazette.

Application Requirements

From the individual

  • A fully completed application form.Image of Namibia employment work permit
  • 2 recent passport sized photographs.
  • Educational certificates and qualifications.
  • A record of the applicants previous positions held and work references.
  • A police certificate form the applicants country of origin.
  • A radiological report and medical certificate.
  • A copy of the applicants passport.
  • Copy of marriage/divorce certificate if married to a Namibian citizen, proof of citizenship.

From the employer

  • The work offer (Representation by Employer).
  • If position was advertised, a copy of Advertisement.
  • Motivational letter from the prospective employer.
  • The deed of surety.
  • Proof that the vacancy was advertised in the Namibian press.

Job specific requirements

Position in Government service – must have a letter of recommendation from the Permanent Secretary of that Ministry.

Medical officers – proof of registration with the Medical Board of Namibia.

Engineers – proof of registration with the Namibia Engineering Council.

Getting assistance with your application

Intergate Immigration are well known as one of Africa’s premier permit, visa and immigration companies. Our enviable record of success has seen us become the preferred supplier of employment work permits for thousands of individuals and hundreds of large companies.

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